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Anhui yingmei color printing packaging co., LTD.,
is a professional production of various kinds of food packaging materials large-scale modern enterprises.
The main industries of the company are: packaging and decoration printed matter, other printed matter.


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Scientific and technological innovation striving for excellence, helping enterprises develop quality and safety, pay attention to health, and let you rest assured consumption.


technological innovation

(1) dynamic variable two-dimensional code and digital double anti-counterfeiting technology --- one bag one yard, outer layer two-dimensional code inner layer anti-counterfeiting data, internal and external combination, double anti-counterfeiting;

(2) the third generation of sawtooth anti-counterfeiting technology --- randomness and non duplicability.

(3) grasp the information technology of packaging and strive for benchmarking.


(1) high and new technology products, paper and plastic five in one, solvent free technology pioneer, is committed to pay attention to food safety and protect the health of consumers;

(2) through the ISO9001-2015 international quality management system, ISO140000 environmental system and safety production standard system, occupational hazard status evaluation system and other certification, ensure that each package is green, safe and safe.


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